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Just a bit of Fun

Like most companies these days, we want to spread the word about our business far and wide. Our web site and social media provide the ideal mechanism for this. In order to communicate with you, we want to send you a newsletter about what is going on; we want you to 'Like' our Facebook page, or become a follower of our Twitter account.

In order to encourage you to these actions, we run prize draws occasionally. These are completely free to enter! The only condition is that in entering our competion, you agree to be added to our mailing list. If you entered the competition through Twitter, Facebook or other social media, you also agree to join our mailing list. AS LONG AS YOU THEN REMAIN ON OUR MAILING LIST, YOU WILL ALSO BE ENTERED AUTOMATICALLY INTO ANY OTHER COMPETIONS THAT WE RUN RELATED TO THE MAILING LIST.

We do not use our mailing list for anything other than promotion of our business. This will amount to the occasional newsletter that will keep you informed of how things are going. You are under no obligation to read it, but we hope you will.

Our next draw will be announced shortly.

So hurry, sign up on the form on the left of the page!

Note on Facebook: recent fb privacy changes mean that we may not be able to see your details if you like us. You can either check your Privacy settings to ensure we can see you, or simply just fill in the registration form on the side to make absolutely sure you are entered.

Draw 28th October 2013

The winner of £25 Cinema voucher in our Autumn draw was Eva Tothova.

Please contact us to claim prize

Draw 31st July 2013

The winner of £25 M&S vouchers in our July draw was Sharon L P from Chelmsford.

Please contact us to claim prize