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theClassified - Licensee Support

How can we help?

If you have any questions or are experiencing problems please have a look at our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Our FAQ areas are being constantly updated as new questions or issues arise. There are two FAQ areas:

  • Licensee FAQ - This FAQ area aims to answer any questions you may have about running your local Classified and using your admin area
  • User FAQ - This is the FAQ area for users of your site and can provide answers to any issues or questions regarding the user side of your site. Therefore reducing the number of support email for you to deal with

Your Licensee Manual may also be able to help with your problem.

If there are any technical issues that you are unable to resolve we want to know about it. Report anything technical or 'not-quite-right' to our Support Team. Simply use the Helpdesk to raise a ticket. We aim to make sure that every issue is solved in a timely manner.

The support area also contains many other features, such as libraries of documentation; announcements; orderline. Please visit the Support Area now.

Please note: We do not provide telephone support as to do so would require a substantial increase in our support staff and therefore increased License fees.