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C4B Media
theClassified Marketing | theClub

C4B Media is the strategic marketing partner to theClassified. They offer special discounted marketing packages to all Licensees of theClassified.

Join C4B Media’s theClassified marketing club, theClub, on a monthly contract and gain access to telemarketing, email marketing, 1:1 marketing support, free online webinars and a range of other specially priced marketing and design services.

How it works

Being a member of theClub removes the marketing headache leaving you to focus on sales.

What does this mean in reality?

It means that we work with you to develop your marketing plan so you know exactly what marketing activity is being scheduled each month. Naturally you will need to have input to ensure you get the best results but we manage the whole process.

As an example, for telemarketing activity we would ask you to provide us with a list of local business to call. We would prepare a script and undertake the calling. We then give you a list of leads to follow up.

Benefits of theClub

As a member of theClub you will benefit from C4B Media’s marketing expertise which will help you to:

  • Build a marketing plan to establish and grow your new business
  • Gain early leads to generate vital advertising income
  • Generate publicity for your business to build your personal user base
  • Get valuable marketing advice which you can implement yourself

The marketing packages

We have developed three marketing packages to choose from. Here’s what’s on offer:


£350 / month

£450 / month

£530 / month


One-off set-up fee £495

High level marketing plan




Webinar training sessions




1-day of telemarketing




1: 1 telephone-based marketing support


2 hours

4 hours

Access to theClub+
(see below)




Marketing package terms: 12-month contract

theClassified Marketing | theClub+

Want more than the marketing packages offer even if just for one month? You can also benefit from theClub+

theClub+ is a range of marketing services, specially discounted for theClub members. These services can be one off or in addition to your monthly marketing fee:

Marketing Service

theClub cost

Usual cost

Advertising: Choose from one of our standard advert templates and we’ll personalise it for your campaign

for one advert


Advertising: Bespoke advert design

for one advert


Lead Generation: Integrated email and telemarketing campaign

per campaign



About C4B Media

We’re passionate believers in joined-up, integrated marketing. That means planned, targeted, consistent and repeated marketing over a sustained period.

Here’s what makes C4B Media a refreshingly different marketing agency:

  • We offer a huge range of talent and experience 
  • We have an enviable client list 
  • We love what we do 
  • We do everything
  • We’re results focused

More information
For more information or to join theClub, please contact C4B Media