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Services Available

As well as free marketing tools we offer a number of services on request; simply use the Contact Us page to advise us of your request.

Marketing Tools:

Want help promoting your listing or Storefront? There are a number of options available:

  • Storefront Poster (FREE) - You can obtain a FREE poster for your Storefront from our Tools page. Choose the poster to suit you, then print it out and fill in your storefront name.
  • Personalised Storefront Poster (£5 + VAT) - If you prefer we can personalise your poster for you, with your Storefront URL, and then email it to you.
  • Website Buttons (FREE) - Drive traffic to your Storefront or listings from your own website. Simply download our FREE buttons from the Tools page.

Storefront Design:

Want some help designing your Storefront? You have two options:

  • Basic (£25+ VAT) - We will design a simple Storefront for you, including uploading your logo, creating categories and pages for you (max. 5 pages including your ‘contact us’ page). We will upload your text and add formatting and colour to this text. We will also upload your first two listings.
  • Pro (£100.00 + VAT) - Our HTML designers will create a HTML Storefront for you with all the bells and whistles! This will include all of the above plus adding links and integration of images into your pages (max. 2 images per page).

Please Note: In order to design your storefront you will need to provide us with the text for your pages and listings; describing your services/products. You will also need to provide us with your logo and, if you are going for the 'Pro' service, you will also need to provide any images (or links to images) that you wish to be used.

We reserve the right to charge additional fees should you decide to substantially change your design part way through the process, you will be informed of this before we proceed with the work.

* Please note: All prices are exclusive of VAT. In order to prevent abuse, all 'unlimited' advertising is subject to fair use policy. Terms and Conditions apply