Social Media Guide – Part Two – Facebook


Facebook Overview

With over 800 million users worldwide (and growing), Facebook offers a rich platform for business purposes allowing you to share unlimited content, including images and videos.

Facebook now gives a reach of just over 30 million unique users for the UK. That means the proportion of the UK total population registered with the site is fast approaching 50%. This means it is vital for your business to gain a presence on Facebook.


Your Facebook page will need a branded cover and profile picture. Your cover image cannot be directly promoting anything, those are the rules of Facebook, but make sure it is an image relevant to your brand/

We recommend using an image (or a link which displays an image) whenever you create a new post, this is because the timeline is very visual and images stand out rather than text.

Your first action should be to share your new page on your personal Facebook account and encourage your friends to like it. Then you should like other pages, this will get you noticed and hopefully your page will be liked back. If yours is a local business it is a good idea to find other local businesses/ entrepreneurs/ community groups and local newspapers or magazines to like. You should also look at which pages other local businesses have liked this may give you more pages to like therefore spreading your net further.

You should use Facebook to:

•             Share any special offers or promotional codes

•             Direct people to website

•             Receive feedback / deal with issues / customer service

•             Share articles / blog posts / expertise / interesting content

•             Start discussions and ask questions to encourage interaction

•             Share positive reviews / client testimonials

•             Upload images and videos

•             Competitions

•             Generic news/chat – what’s happening in the office, the weather

At the top of your page you will see your Admin Panel; here you will see any notifications, likes, direct messages, insights and page tips. It is important to familiarise yourself with this area, especially the ‘insights’ area as this will help you recognise if your Facebook page is generating interest.

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