Social Media Guide – Part Three – Twitter


Twitter Overview

Twitter is a ‘microblogging’ platform which allows users to post short messages and converse with other users. Unlike email or text messaging, these conversations take place in the open and engage audiences in discussions about services, products, issues, the company and brand – connecting a vast amount of likeminded people in an often targeted and purposeful way.

Twitter greatly increased its UK users in 2011, with the number of reported users more than doubling from 12 million to 26 million.


On Twitter you will need a branded header image and profile. It can be a good idea to use a picture of you as your Twitter profile picture to humanise your account. If you use several people to update your Twitter account, each one should sign off with his or her initials, this shows your audience that thought and effort have gone into creating and distributing your content.

If you wish, you can also have a branded background, otherwise you can choose from the backgrounds supplied by Twitter. We recommend you have a branded background to further personalise your page.

Your first action should be to follow relevant businesses/ newspapers/ magazines/ groups, this will help generate interest and hopefully generate followers. Once you have gained some followers you should also look at the accounts your followers are following as you may find more useful accounts to follow.

You should use Twitter to:

•             Advertise to potential customers / subscribers

•             Regular updates / tweets – news, weather, what’s happening in the office

•             Share any special offers or promotional codes

•             Share relevant articles / blog posts / expertise / interesting content / photos

•             Start discussions and ask questions to encourage interaction

•             Link to Facebook content

•             Follow and participate in discussions with other related tweeters

•             Introduce regular features

•             Comment on tweets and re-tweet other posts to build community

•             Share positive testimonials


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