Social Media Guide – Part Seven – Bitly


Bitly Overview

Bitly is a URL shortening and bookmarking service with 8 billion clicks on Bitly links each month and 80 million new links created every day. Any links you share on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and in emails should be first put into Bitly. Benefits:

  • Shorten links
  • See how popular your shared links become – view the number of clicks on each link
  • See which content is generating the most clicks


Bitly is a fantastic way to monitor which links shared by you on social media and through emails are being clicked on the most. You should use this information to monitor which Facebook posts, Tweets and emails are generating the most interest and therefore click throughs to your website. You can then tailor your social media and email output to use more of the type of posts/Tweets/emails that are working and to do less of any that are getting few or no clicks.

Go to: for extra tools to get the most out of bitly. We particularly like the Bitmarklet which is a simple way to create a Bitly link to interesting content right from your browser. If you have an iPhone there is also a Bitly app for sharing on the move!

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