Social Media Guide – Part Four – Linked In


LinkedIn Overview

LinkedIn is growing and now reaches around 10% of the UK population. However an average visit lasts less than half the time spent on Facebook.


Linked In is like Facebook for business. All users have a profile page which shows their CV, skills and any recommendations they have had from employers or co-workers. Companies can have their own page on Linked in on which they can share special offers, blog posts and news. You can only open a Linked In business page if you have a personal account to link it to. A bit like on Facebook or Twitter your company page has followers who will see your updates. Your updates can also show up in searches on Linked In if any of the content matches the search terms used.

Linked In does not need to be used as often as say Facebook or Twitter but it is a good idea as a company to have a company page, this will increase brand awareness and also add credibility to your brand. Linked In is also a good method of recruiting new staff should you need them.

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