Social Media Guide – Part Five – Pinterest


Pinterest Overview

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, users share picture links to items they like. They can create different boards under different headings such as Wish list, Cool Recipes, Wedding Ideas…

 At 10.4 million users, it is the fastest growing social media site in history. Many of those users are recent additions, as the site is experiencing a whopping 400% month-over-month growth. There are 200,000 unique users in the U.K. Pinterest is also driving serious traffic for some major brands. It is now driving more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace combined.


Pinterest can be a great addition to as social media campaign if it fits with your business. Pinterest is especially of benefit to businesses with a creative or visual element, such as graphic design, crafts, catering, cake decoration etc. If however your business is IT consultancy, for example, you may struggle to use Pinterest effectively, as you need to be able to pin interesting, attractive and relevant images to you pinboards, can you think of many images which would be relevant to IT consultancy?!

Pinterest can be a great marketing tool if used correctly. The benefit of Pinterest to companies is that you can pin images of your products/from your blogs/from your website, then if users like these images they will re-pin them to their own pinboards, which will then get re-pinned and so on. Therefore effectively spreading the link to your product/blog/website.

If you can think of a theme for your pinboard(s) and relevant images to draw users to your site/blog then we do recommend using Pinterest because of its growing popularity as mentioned above.

You can also add ‘pins’ to the images on your website/blog so that if a user is on your website/blog and sees an image they like they can immediately pin it to their pinterest board, again hopefully raising brand awareness and bringing more visitors to your site/blog.

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