Christmas Parties – A Great Time For Networking! The Beginners Guide to Networking…

networkingHere is our guide to making the most of your Christmas networking:

Working the Room

Make sure to spend time moving around the room meeting new people, don’t just stick to the same group for the whole evening – you never know who you might meet that could be beneficial!

Breaking the Ice

It is important to approach people with confidence, but not to be too forceful. If you know anything about the business of the person/people you approach you could ask them about their business but more often than not at these kind of functions you will meet a lot of new people. In which case, after introducing yourself, you could start with a pleasantry, such as commenting on the party, asking them how they know the host, do they live locally or you could of course do the very British thing and talk about the weather!

Approach the right people

If possible research the other people that are going to be attending the party so that you can identify those people that it would be most beneficial to meet. If you know the host/hostess you could even ask for an introduction to the people you would like to meet.

What to talk about

Obviously it is good to have chit chat and bond over shared hobbies or photos of your children but remember why you are there, make sure everyone knows who you are and about your business. There is no need to do this in a pushy way, you could first ask them what they do and then in response they will ask you.

Don’t forget to follow up!

You should make sure to take lots of business cards with you to hand out to any interested parties, you should also take the business cards offered to you. Any that you feel could be of benefit to your business you could send an email to after the event along the lines of ‘It was a pleasure meeting you at …………… Christmas Party, if I/We can be of any assistance…’